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compliment n : a remark (or act) expressing praise and admiration


1 say something to someone that expresses praise; "He complimented her on her last physics paper" [syn: congratulate]
2 express respect or esteem for

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  1. An expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement.


An expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement


  1. To pay a compliment; to express a favorable opinion.


to pay a compliment; to express a favorable opinion

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distinguish Complement Compliment may be
  • An expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement.
  • The correct respectful actions paid to a superior, such as saluting an officer in the armed forces.
  • "Compliments", a song by Bloc Party from their 2005 album Silent Alarm

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

TL, acclaim, accolade, adulate, adulation, applaud, benevolence, beslobber, beslubber, best wishes, blandish, blandishment, blarney, bless, blessing, blessings, boon, bouquet, bunkum, cajole, cajolement, cajolery, commend, commendation, compliments, conceit, congratulate, congratulation, congratulations, encomium, eulogy, eyewash, fair words, favor, fawn upon, fawning, felicitate, felicitation, flatter, flattering remark, flattery, give a bouquet, good wishes, gratulate, gratulation, grease, greetings, hail, hand it to, homage, honeyed phrases, honeyed words, honor, incense, largess, laud, laudation, make fair weather, oil, oil the tongue, orchids, palaver, pay a compliment, polite commendation, posy, praise, present, pretty lies, recommend, regards, rejoice with, respects, salutations, slobber over, soap, soft soap, sweet nothings, sweet talk, sweet words, sycophancy, take off, trade-last, tribute, wheedle, wheedling
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